The MVP: Galactic Football League Volume 4

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Title The MVP
Publisher Dark Øverlord Media
Published 2012
Pages 538
ISBN 978-0983196358
Podcasted Oct 2012 to Jun 2013
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The MVP is a thriller / science fiction novel by American author Scott Sigler published in 2012.

Set in a lethal American professional football league seven centuries in the future, The MVP puts huge humans on the field with four alien races, creating a game that is faster, stronger and deadlier than anything we know today. The fourth book in the Galactic Football League series, The MVP follows The Rookie, The Starter and The All-Pro.


Star quarterback Quentin Barnes has spent three seasons assembling a hard-hitting, hard-fighting team that combines rookies, rejects, discarded free agents and seasoned veterans from all five species. He has fought against racism and bound his team together through shared sacrifice, blood, tragedy and victory. But this season, Quentin faces the biggest challenge yet -- the deadly threat of the mysterious Prawatt, who seized the ship carrying Quentin and his teammates. As The MVP begins, the Ionath Krakens face certain death at the hands of this unknown race.

The GFL series combines science fiction, crime and blistering sports action to create a nonstop, pulse-pounding adventure that you can't put down until the last second ticks off the clock.

Main Characters

Name Information
Quentin Barnes Quarterback for the Ionath Krakens

Released Editions

Image Edition Publisher Release Date ISBN
Limited Release (2000 copies) Hardcover Dark Øverlord Media September 2, 2012 978-0983196358
(image) Paperback Empty Set Entertainment December 17, 2013 978-1939366931

Promotional Efforts

Characters Named for Fans

As with recent previous works, this novel contains the names of fans appearing as some of the characters. The luckiest of the fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely and death. The following link references a table dedicated to tracking these fan-named characters with indicators of which characters become victims.

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