The Rider

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The Rider
Title The Rider
Publisher Dark_Øverlord_Media
Published November 2016
Pages 270
Podcasted 2016
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The Rider is a science fiction novella co-authored by author Paul E. Cooley and Scott Sigler. The story takes place in the Galactic Football League galaxy.


Welcome to Dinolition, the biggest show in the galaxy. Where armored little people riding armored dinosaurs in a full-contact bloodsport. Star rider Poughkeepsie Pete and his T-Rex mount “Old Bess” are fixtures of a league struggling to reach profitability and gain intergalactic recognition, to be thought of as something other than circus-freak sideshows.

But to get that credibility — and the massive payday that comes with it — Pete has to manage a league commissioner with a God complex, deal with a devious team owner, navigate a web of organized crime trying to fix matches, and dodge religious zealots set on killing him and the dinos alike — all while grooming the next generation of riders that will carry the sport into a new age of glory.


Name Information
Poughkeepsie Pete Rider
Old Bess Dino

Release Schedule


Cover Art Edition Country Release Date ISBN
eBook (Dark Øverlord Media) Worldwide (Internet) November 2016 ASIN B01JKLEC5I


Cover Art Edition Country Release Date Site
Audiobook Worldwide (Internet) November 2016

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