Title Fight

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Title Fight
Title Fight EBook 680.jpg
Title Title Fight
Publisher Dark Øverlord Media
Published November 26, 2012
Pages n/a
ISBN 978-1-939366-99-3
Podcasted 2009
[ ScottSigler.com Page]

Title Fight is a podcast novella by American author Scott Sigler that combines science fiction elements with mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting. Set in The Rookie universe, Title Fight, is believed to be the first novella to combine far future aliens and hardcore mixed martial arts (MMA) action.


Title Fight follows Korak the Cutter and Chaiyal "The Heretic" North, two MMA fighters, as their paths converge for the unification of the Galactic Fighting Association (GFA) Championship Title and the Intergalactic Fighting Association (IFA) Championship Title. The GFA and the IFA are competing promotions, so that a fight between the two title champions is not encouraged as the loser would also lose face for his Association. Korak the Cutter fights for the IFA while Chaiyal fights for the GFA.

Athletes fight in a octagonal ring officiated exclusively by Heavy-G Ki. Unlike the Galactic Football League (GFL), where body modifications were banned and harshly punished, GFA and IFA fighters are allowed to use body-mods. This is because the Creterakians rulers did not see individual fighters as threats to their power, where an entire football team with body-mods could be the beginning of an army.

In an effort to be crowned the best fighter in the galaxy, the young and upcoming Chaiyal publicly challenges the older, more experienced and decorated fighter, Korak the Cutter.


Name Information 1st Appearance
Mark "The Mangler" Wheeler GFA Fighter-Challenger to Korak the Cutter Ep. 1
Korak the Cutter Ep. 1
Chaiyal "The Heretic" North Recently crowned heavyweight champion of the Galactic Fighting Association Ep. 2
Brocka the Razor-Barbed GFA Heavyweight Champion beaten by Chaiyal Ep. 2
Gredok the Splithead Quyth Leader and underworld figure
Vikor the Black Quyth Leader and Shamakath to Korak the Cutter Ep. 1

Release Schedule


Cover Art Edition Country Release Date Site
Title Fight Podcast.jpg
2009 Podcast Audio Release Worldwide (Internet) April 23, 2009 Title Fight on ScottSigler.com

Promotional Efforts

Live Recordings

The first episode of Title Fight was recorded live at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego and Book Soup bookstore in Los Angeles. The stops were planned as part of the Contagious book tour and the reading was an exclusive benefit for fans in attendance.

Co-Authored Episodes

Continuing in his innovative writing style, author Scott Sigler has collaborated with fellow writer Matt Wallace in order to bring the story of Title Fight to life. Matt Wallace of the Variant Frequencies podcast and whom the FDO refers to as the most dangerous man in podcast fiction, is a long time podcast author with several titles to his name including short story collection entitled The Next Fix and the Failed City Monologues.

Refer to the Episode Download section for more details around which episodes were co-authored.

Characters Named for Fans

Similar to the pattern set forth in the novels Nocturnal, Contagious and The Crypt, author Scott Sigler’s podcast novel Title Fight includes randomly chosen fans that have characters named after them. The luckiest of these fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely and death as the novel progresses. The following section is dedicated to tracking these fan-named characters with indicators of which characters become victims.

Fan Name User Name Fan Image Character Role Episode Introduced Episode Killed
Mark Wheeler billy tal3nt3d MarkWheeler.JPG Fighter Ep. 1 -
J. Cartwright I AM--- Kraken21 JosephCartwright.jpg Purist Nation Body Guard Ep. 7 -

Episode Downloads

Episode Number Authored By Download Link Podcast Date
Round 1 Scott Sigler Download April 23, 2009
Round 2 Matt Wallace Download May 8, 2009
Round 3 Scott Sigler Download June 14, 2009
Round 4 Matt Wallace Download July 5, 2009
Round 5 Scott Sigler Download August 9, 2009
Round 6 Matt Wallace Download August 16, 2009
Round 7 Scott Sigler Download October 13, 2009
Round 8 Scott Sigler Download November 1, 2009
Round 9 Scott Sigler Download November 8, 2009
Round 10 Matt Wallace Download November 15, 2009

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