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Allah is the central planet in a group of planetary holdings comprising the Purist Nation. References to planet Allah are made through several of Scott Silger's novels, including The Rookie and The Starter.


Allah is the first planet colonized by the Purists after their exodus from Earth. Originally Allah was named Jason 2, however upon landing the Purists renamed it to Allah. Upon establishing the colony, the Purists immediately began a massive re-tooling of their fleet to create fighting navy.

Oribitng Allah, is Buddha City Station. Buddha City is one of the few places in the Purist Nation where non-human races are tolerated.

The Purist Nation planetary holdings also includes the planets Stewart, Mason, and Solomon, as well as several remote mining and food processing outposts such as Mining Colony VI.


The planet and it's orbital station are seen by many as a glaring example of the corruption that exists throughout all levels of the Purist Nation government and religion. Corruption is allowed to flourish because it is very profitable.

One manifestation of this rule bending can be seen in the mix of races present on Buddha City Station. It's allowed for the different races to mix on Buddha City because the Purist Nation rules state that aliens aren't allowed on Allah's surface. This is tolerated because even the radicals realize that the Purist Nation economy can't sustain itself without at least some official out-system trade.

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