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B.W. "Bentwrench" Crites
Book(s) The Crypt
Introduced Episode Nine
Gender Male
Age 51
Occupation Military Service
Species Human
Fan Name Yes

Military Service
Allegiance Planetary Union
Branch Navy
of Service
Rank ?
Assignment Engineer
Stationed P.U.V. James Keeling
Battles/Wars n/a
Awards n/a
Injuries n/a

B.W. "Bentwrench" Crites is a character in the novel titled The Crypt by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode nine of the serialized podcast.


Outward Appearance

Bentwrench is described as being six feet tall with a barrel chest, "sausages for fingers," a narrow waist and stubby legs that give him a very physics-unfriendly gait.


Considered to be one of the most brilliant engineers in the Navy, he is also considered to be the most foul-mouthed, insubordinate and violent engineer in the Navy. Bee-Dub feels he knows all there is to know about propulsion systems, and therefore, ship captains should follow his orders, and not vice verse.

Character Background


Crites was convicted of assaulting an officer, being on duty while under the influence of alcohol and stimulants, disobeying a direct order and abandoning his post.


Bentwrench's ability to intuitively understand propulsion systems and their problems is literally known through the galaxy. Before his assignment to the Keeling, he would spend one hour each day "holding court," his phrase for making himself available to military and civilian engineers who could not figure out various, complex problems.

Co-Authored Character

Continuing in his innovative writing style, the character of B.W. "Bentwrench" Crites was the result of a collaboration between authors Scott Sigler and Greg Crites. Sigler has said that Crites is "his favorite author to listen to."

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