James Eager

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James Eager
Book(s) Contagious
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Military Service
Species Human
Fan Name Yes
Military Service
Allegiance United States of America
Branch Army
of Service
Rank Sergeant
Assignment Squad Leader
Stationed unknown
Battles/Wars Classified
Awards Multiple
Injuries Line of Duty Death

James Eager is a character in the novel Contagious by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced on page 236 of the U.S. First Edition hardback print version of the novel.

Character Background

Sgt. Eager's Rank Patch

Eager is a sergeant in DOMREC’s X-ray Company. His fire team is running a roadblock to stop the escape of the triangles.

He is the leader of the fireteam (a 4 person Army group, 2 Fireteams and a squad leader make up a squad). The Fireteam consists of:

Eager's helmet

"They got one," he called. "Triangle host trying to get on I-75 on-ramp. Cope said to stay sharp. They're sending the backup units to reinforce the on-ramp in case there's more, so we are on our own for a bit."

Unfortunately, Sgt. James Eager lost his life in the battle against the Triangles. The last view of Sgt. Eager is his helmet lying next to the road.


James is credited with 7 triangle kills over the first three triangle assaults. Awards include:

Combat Infantry Badge
Parachute Basic - Sr Parachutist
Combat Action Badge
Air Assault
National Defense Service Medal
Army Presidential Unit Citation (Ribbon)
Army Valorous Unit Citation
Army Meritorious Unit Citation
Army Superior Unit Award
Metal scuba badge worn on the uniform
Expert Marksman with M4 Rifle and M9 Pistol
Weapons Expert Medal

Fan Based Character

Fan Mycroft.jpg

The character of James Eager is named after the devoted junkie by the same name and whose avatar is pictured at the left. This dedicated junkie can be found as an active member on the official Scott Sigler website forums under the user name of Mycroft.

For more information about the real life of this extraordinary junkie, see James Eager's User Page.

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