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Jungbauer Beer is a ficitonal business referenced in the novel The Starter and the short story Title Fight by author Scott Sigler.


Jungbauer Beer is a popular brand of beer known throughtout the galaxy. The company is owned by Barbara Jungbauer, who is also the owner of the Galactic Football League team the New Rodina Astronauts.

Jungbauer Beer uses sponsorships of popular sporting events to further its brand dominance. Outside of being the primary sponsor of the New Rodina Astronauts GFL team, the brand has also sponsored marquis events such as providing translation services for the broadcast of the Title Fight for the Heavyweight Championship of the Universe between Korak the Cutter and Chaiyal North.


Their catch phase during the broadcast was:

"If you want real beer, You need that Jungbauer power!"

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