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Bertha Lybrand is a supporting character in the novels EarthCore and "Mount Fitz Roy" by author Scott Sigler.

Character Background

Lybrand was an EarthCore Corporation security guard at the company's mining facility in the Wah Wah Mountains.


Lybrand was born and raised in Chattworth, New Jersey.

After high school, Lybrand enlisted in the US Army. She served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. While deployed there as a truck driver, she saw combat twice, with both instances being an ambush of US military convoys. In the second ambush, her unit was overrun and sustained heavy casualties. Lybrand killed two men, one by gunshot, the other by knife.

The incident caused her to suffer from PTSD and depression. Two months after the incident, she was given a dishonorable discharge.


Lybrand is tough, resourceful, and good at following orders.


She is an excellent pistol marksman.

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