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Cho Takachi is a supporting character in the novel EarthCore by author Scott Sigler.

Character Background

Cho was an EarthCore Corporation security guard assigned to Sonny McGuiness for the duration of the speculative mining operation Sonny prospected in Utah's Wah Wah Mountains.

Truly, Cho was assigned to Sonny as an assistant and security guard to make sure he didn't back out of the deal with EarthCore.



Cho excelled in his tasks as a security guard because of his prior military experience. He served as a U.S. Marine for eight years, spending time in front line war zones such as Somalia, Africa. He carried a .45 handgun and was trained to use it.

He was a highly educated soldier serving as a medic first class while in active duty. Subsequently, he worked as a doctor in the civilian medical industry for a year but became disillusioned with the indusry. While Cho didn't offer a reason for the disillusionment, Sonny guessed correctly, that Cho was sued and then stop practicing shortly afterwards.

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