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Chooch Rodriguez is an ancillary character in the novel Nocturnal by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode seven of the audio version of Nocturnal (Rough Draft).

Character Background

Chooch Rodriguez is a sketch artist with the San Francisco Police Department. After meeting with Mr. Biz-Nass, "Pookie" Chang summons Chooch to render sketches of the victims in Bryan Clauser’s dreams. The three officers meet at the Victoria Pastry Company off the corner of Broadway St. and Stockton St. in San Francisco. Before the meeting, Pookie tells Bryan that he can’t stand Chooch but it is not clear why. Also, his dislike of Chooch is outweighed by the fact that Pookie knows Chooch is talented with sketches.



The author refers to this character with only the name of Chooch Rodriguez. It is ambiguous as to whether this is a nickname or the characters true name.

Outward Appearance

There is no description of this character other than the fact that he tends to stick his tongue out and narrow his eyes while he was concentrating on a sketch.


From the minimal information given, Chooch appears to have a good sense of humor as he trades sarcastic remarks with Pookie.

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