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John Gutierrez is a character in the novel Contagious by author Scott Sigler. The character is initially introduced in episode one of the audio version of the novel .

Character Background

John holds the position of President of the United States of America following the administration of President Hutchins. He and his Chief of Staff have been debriefed by CIA Deputy Director Murray Longworth on an infection that was kept secret for the past five administrations. Initially he received the news of this secret infection as a joke, but soon learned the horrible truth.



The character's full name is John Gutierrez. He is also referred to by his title of ‘President’ or ‘Mr. President’. There are no nicknames for this character.

Outward Appearance

John is described as a 46 year old man of Hispanic-American heritage.


John is an intelligent man who is also a shrewd judge of character. His adeptness with reading a person's character through assessments of their facial expressions, body language, posture and movement was indispensable in making sound decisions and with surrounding himself with capable people. For example, Gutierrez recognized Chief of Staff Coleburn’s skill and ruthlessness upon first meeting her. These skills led Gutierrez to add her to his team. He attributed her skills to helping him get from State Senate to Congress and then into the White House as the first Hispanic President of the United States. He is decisive and calculating with the ability to weigh the facts without being clouded by emotion.

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