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The BoyCo (Boys Company) gang is a group of high school bullies from Galileo High School used in the novel Nocturnal (Rough Draft). The members are known for wearing red and gold Boston College clothes because it bears the initials of their gang.


As BoyCo is a minor gang, their membership is small. There are four named members of the gang:


Rex Deprovdechuk was a frequent bullying victim that BoyCo tormented for 2 years. Rex is so frightened of the gang that he often used random routes to travel from home to school and back again. The last incident between Rex and the members of BoyCo happened when Rex was singled out in class by his teacher, Mrs. Telling. Being distraught about the interaction, Rex just wanted to get home and thus, took the shortest route. However Rex forgot about the bullies and the $20 dollars that the BoyCo members had earlier demanded of him. After a short attempt to flee the gang members, Rex is cornered and beaten. To make matters worse, the BoyCo leader, Alex Panos instructs the members to hold Rex down. Alex then proceeds to break Rex's arm.


Alex Panos is the first BoyCo member to die. He is brutally murdered as he is missing one arm and nailed to a wall using four railroad spikes. It is unknown who has murdered Alex but in an unusual turn, SFPD Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser has had a dream of killing Alex the night of the murder.

Paul Fischer is the second BoyCo member to die. His murder involved him being slashed with a large knife and then either being thrown or jumping off a three story building. Bryan Clauser also dreams of this murder but he dreams of it as it is happening and is able to call his partner and race to the crime scene. Bryan is the first to get on the scene and finds himself wanting to shoot Paul. However, Pookie is able to stop him, but not before Paul dies of his injuries.

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