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Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Five
Gender Female
Age unknown
Occupation R. Wide Receiver
Species Sklorno
Fan Name No

Denver is a tertiary character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Denver is one of the first Sklorno along with her teammate Milford who Quentin Barnes meets after joining the Ionath Krakens. Denver is also one of the few Sklorno who is not only named but has a speaking role in the Novel. As Denver is also the few Sklorno Quentin interacts with, much of the speculation about the Sklorno species and their behavior is based off of Denver.

Character History

Like many of the minor characters in The Rookie, nothing is mentioned about Denver's past prior to joining the Krakens. The one small bit of information which is known is regarding Denver's name. Female Sklorno, take the name of Earth cities which have been particularly important in the history of Football. Denver is clearly named after Denver, Colorado which currently house the Denver Broncos, a highly successful NFL franchise.

Upon joining the Ionath Krakens it quickly became obvious that Denver ascribed to the same sort of hero-worship which is typical for the Sklorno species for receivers to Quarterbacks. While Denver is excited to receive passes from the Legendary Donald Pine, by the end of the novel Denver is also one of Sklorno who recognize the power and potential of Quentin Barnes. Indeed, it was because of the help providided by Denver and his fellow Sklorno which allowed Quentin to get used to the speed and three-dimensional Gameplay which is required to fully utilize his Sklorno teammates.

At the start of the 2683 season, Denver is considered the third-best receiver on the Krakens roster behind fellow Krakens Hawick and Milford. For this reason, It was considered quite surprising to be the subject of a controversial but strategically necessary trade where Denver and veteran receiver Scarborough were traded to the Jupiter Jacks for the all-pro right guard Michael Kimberlin. While Denver at first was distraught to be seemingly excommunicated from the Krakens and more importantly from the 'Holy' Quentin Barnes, Denver soon found Jupiter to her liking Becoming one of the best receivers for the Jacks.

When the Jacks Faced the Krakens in week 12 of the 2683 Tier 1 Season, Denver Is named the game's MVP with 8 catches for 156 yards and 2 Touchdowns.

Physical Description

As Denver was the first Sklorno Quentin meets after joining the Ionath Krakens, it is hard to say how Denver differs from other of her Species. As a Sklorno, Denver has white near transparent skin which allows her organs to be seen as black masses with long tentacle-like Raspers instead of arms. This gives the Sklorno a black and white appearance almost like you were looking at an X-Ray.


Denver's main personality traits seems to revolved around the "receiving of gifts" which is to say catching passes from Quarterbacks.


Denver is the second-string Receiver for the Ionath Krakens. Denver is described as being lightning fast even by Sklorno Standards. By the end of the 2682 Season, Denver is seen as the third-best receiver on the Krakens roster.

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