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Orbital Station One also known as the "Ace" is a vast space station in the Quyth Concordia. The Ace is the largest artificial structures in the known galaxy. While the Ace is technically a space station and major manufacturing facility, it also possess the the ability to enter Punch Space which actually makes the Ace the largest space-fairing vessels in the Galaxy.


The Ace, like its sister stations The Deuce and The Trice is said to look like a giant Sea Urchin with hundreds of massive hollow spines shooting outwards from a central spherical core. The spines are approximately two-miles long by an eighth of a mile thick. The spines are actually alive; they are a silica-based organism that grows in a dense crystalline matrix. The organism can easily be compared to bacteria as they grow, feed, and reproduce in numbers beyond comprehension. Only the outside of the spike is alive the interior is only dead skeletons but is incredibly dense and hard. It is the Crystalline matrix which gives the spines their strength and allow them to grow to such massive lengths. The Quyth can use the spines to vent energy from the Station's core to propel the station in any direction. The spines also act as the Station's framework. Massive crossbeams connect the spines and serve as a framework for future expansion of the Ace. To add this additional mass, huge asteroids are brought in to add additional living space which is supported by the crossbeams.

The Ace has an older version of the crystal growth technology than what was used on the The Deuce. This older version was not as developed as the version used on the Deuce and as such the Ace's growth replicates too quickly. While this was acceptable when the Ace was small and rapid growth was required. By the time of the novel The growth has increased exponentially forcing Station engineers to cut it away when it grows into populated areas. This is the Ace's Greatest tax burden with over a million beings responsible for overgrowth removal. While there have been several attempts to introduce the slower growing crystal growth used on the Deuce, the new growth has time and time again been either choked out, overgrown, or somehow converted to original growth. Yet despite the inconveniences, the crystal growth has become a point of pride with the Ace's residents: "...You can't Kill it, You can't replace it, and you can't stop it..." "Much like the Quyth themselves..."


The Deuce has been growing for over three-hundred-and-fifty years old. The Ace, like it's sister stations the Deuce and the Trice, were the Quyth's first attempt to circumvent the massive overcrowding on the planet Quyth.

Beefeater Gin Stadium

Logo OrbitingDeath.jpg

Beefeater Gin Stadium is in the city of Madderch and is the home of the Orbiting Death. It is a round stadium where the first two rows of seats are actually below the city's surface level. The seats of the stadium rise so high above the field of the stadium that the field appears impossibly tiny and distant. The field's playing surface is jet black with white lines. It is this color scheme which lead to the stadium's nickname. Among locals it was called "The Black Hole" however rivals referred to it as "The Ace Hole".

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