Vosor 7 (Planet)

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Vosor 7 is a planet referenced in The Crypt Book 01: The Crew by author Scott Sigler. The planet is frequently referred to using the nickname VeeSeven.


Vosor 7 is described as a cursed planet where the the insane, condemned and the poor were allowed to roam. This is because of the infamous nature of a continent located on Vosor 7 named Big Wayne's Island. The legendary island is the home of several deadly animals including the Ebony Wolves. Hunters and eco tours were the only people who ventured to Big Wayne's Island.

The planet was cold unless the volcanos were erupting and then, a human would need a filter mask or the sulfuric vapors would kill them. The planet was beautiful otherwise, with views at sunset that were the kind Galactic Geographic would splash across wilderness holos.

Military Presence

The planet has a military presence refered to as Vosor 7 Military Command. This command was instrumental in getting a containment crew to Big Wayne's Island where a Passenger Med outbreak was identified by Pfc. Pippa Remic.

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