The Crypt Book 01: The Crew

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The Crypt
Title The Crypt
Publisher n/a
Published n/a
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ISBN n/a
Podcasted Mar 2008 Page

This article is specific to Book 1 of The Crypt.
For information specific to Book 2 refer to The Crypt Book 02: Shakedown
For information about overall storyline refer to The Crypt

The Crypt Book 01: The Crew is a thriller / science fiction podcast novel by American author Scott Sigler and set in The Rookie universe. This is the first of two novels set aboard the P.U.V. James Keeling.


Book 1:The Crew is a novella-length work that takes introduces the current crew aboard the P.U.V. James Keeling as well as several major players involved with The Crypt. While little is known about the history of the ship, it is clear that strange things have a way of happening within it's hull. What is clear, is that the current crew is being chosen from among criminals and the damned.

Characters Named for Fans

Similar to the novels Nocturnal and Contagious, author Scott Sigler’s podcast novel The Crypt includes fans that have been chosen to have characters or ships named after them. The luckiest of these fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely and death as the novel progresses. The following link references a table dedicated to tracking these fan-named characters with indicators of which characters become victims.

Theme Music

The podcast version of The Crypt Book 01: The Crew used the song This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream by the band Alesana. For a comprehensive list of music used in the podcast versions of Scott's works, refer to the Theme Music page.


Sm. Best Triple Parsec.jpg

The two episodes of The Crypt Book 01: The Crew entitled The Tank was awarded a Parsec Award at Dragon*Con 2010. The Parsec Award is given to SciFi and Fantasy original podiobooks. The Tank won in the "Best Short Story" category. The episodes were nominated by junkies and the audio submission was compiled by Arioch Morningstar.

Episode Downloads

Episode Number Episode Name Co-Author Download Link Podcast Date
Episode 1 ?1puvjk n/a Download March 12, 2008
Episode 2 error3 reconstruct n/a Download March 19, 2008
Episode 3 dualism-destruct n/a Download August 21, 2008
Episode 4 restraint-ascension Basil Sands Download September 17, 2008
Episode 5 4th pylon (error) Phil Rossi Download October 28, 2008
Episode 6 Recruit Yolanda Smith Tabitha "Tabz" Smith Download November 17, 2008
Episode 7 Petty Officer Samuel Draper Jeremy Robinson Download December 25, 2008
Episode 8 Kirsten Graves Nathan Lowell Download December 27, 2008
Episode 9 Engineer B.W. Crites Greg Crites Download March 10, 2009
Episode 10 Pvt. Pippa Remic Andy Remic Download April 9, 2009
Episode 11.1 The Tank - Part 1 n/a Download July 12, 2009
Episode 11.2 The Tank - Part 2 n/a Download July 19, 2009
Episode 12.1 Washington, D.C. Part 1 n/a Download November 29, 2009
Episode 12.2 Washington, D.C. Part 2 n/a Download December 6, 2009
Episode 12.3 Washington, D.C. Part 3 n/a Download December 11, 2009
Episode 12.4 Washington, D.C. Part 4 n/a Download December 12, 2009
Episode 12.5 Washington, D.C. Part 5 n/a Download December 18, 2009
Episode 13.1 The Crypt: Angel of Death, Part 1 Alasdair Stuart Download December 20, 2009
Episode 13.2 The Crypt: Angel of Death, Part 2 Alasdair Stuart Download December 25, 2009
Episode 13.3 The Crypt: Angel of Death, Part 3 Alasdair Stuart Download December 27, 2009
Episode 14 Dr. Erun Wellington David Wellington Download January 3, 2010
Episode 15 Master Chief Billy Kinshasa n/a Download January 16, 2010
Episode 16 Major Anne Lafferty Mur Lafferty Download May 2, 2010
Episode 17 Sergeant Shonda "Peace Sign" Bible Jake Bible Download May 9, 2010
Episode 18 Hamzah Haring PC Haring Download May 16, 2010
Episode 19 Lt. Mac "Stone Balls" Cooley Paul Elard Cooley Download May 23, 2010
Episode 20.1 Chief Bronson McLean - Part 1 Patrick E. McLean Download May 30, 2010
Episode 20.2 Chief Bronson McLean - Part 2 Patrick E. McLean Download May 31, 2010

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