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Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Four
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Team Doctor
Species Harrah
Fan Name No

Doc is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Doc is the team Doctor for the Ionath Krakens and is responsible for the over health of the Krakens' players. Doc is the one representative of the Harrah species who is named and interacts with Quentin Barnes during his rookie season. He has a minor role but is important as he is one of the first aliens Quentin meets after signing on with the Krakens.

Working with the Krakens

The 2682 Season

Nothing is mentioned about Doc prior to the 2682, Quentin Barnes's Rookie season. Doc is mostly seen as s medical professional helping the Krakens players during the course of the 2682 Season. He is first seen giving Quentin his team Physical; As Quentin So eloquently put it: "with tentacles on his testicles" Quentin started his career with the Ionath Krakens.

Doc is also present during several key scenes throughout the book. Doc is key in showing Quentin about the backwards state of the Purist Nation. Doc is horrified at the lack of medical technology possessed by Quentin's home nation: For example he finds stitches and muscle grafts to be positively barbaric instead using more modern technologies such as nanosite patches and rejuvenation tanks. One notable scene is during the Krakens game against the Sky Demolition. Quentin had received a a horrible injury when Yallah the Biter bit hit hand and arm causing a great bleeding gash and arterial tear. Doc was beside himself when Quentin forced Masall the Efficient to use a uniform repair tool to sew up the wound with Kevlar thread. Despite his protests, Quentin went on to lead the Krakens to a 25-21 win over the Demolition.

In perhaps the saddest scene of the novel, it was Doc who tried to revive Yailback Mitchell Fayed who died in a clean hit by Quyth Survivors' Defensive Back Topinabee. Despite Doc's Best Efforts using the Galthier Spinal Cord Controller, Fayed passed away.

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