Mitchell Fayed

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Mitchell "The Machine" Fayed
Book(s) The Rookie
Introduced Episode Ten
Gender Male
Age unknown
Occupation Line Backer
Species Human
Fan Name No

Mitchell "The Machine" Fayed is a character in Scott Sigler’s novel The Rookie. Fayed is the starting running back for the Krakens and is considered one of the most valuable players on the team. He is seen as a pillar of strength, an unstoppable force, amongst all the players. His number for the Krakens is 47

Before 2682 Season

Tier 2 and Dreams of Tier 1

While no information is given about Fayed's Life prior to joining the GFL, Fayed had spent 7 years in the Tier 2 prior to Quentin Barnes's first Season with the Krakens. Three of those years as a player with the Citadel Aquanauts and 4 with the Krakens. Early in the novel, before Quentin's first game, Fayed talks to Quentin regarding his dream to enter Tier 1.

Current Season

The Machine

Fans of the running game were not disappointed by Fayed in the 2682 season. Running for 838 yards and 6 touch downs, Fayed was a force of nature crushing his opponents with an average 93 yards a game. This record includes a 150 yard, 2 Touch down victory against the Glory Warpigs in week 8 of the season who were the first place team at the time. Some might call Mitchell "The Machine" Fayed the greatest Tier 2 running back of the 2682 season with the one possible exception of Ju Tweedy from the Orbiting Death.

Death and Legacy

Tragically, Mitchell "The Machine" Fayed died in a clean hit in the Krakens' week 9 game against the Quyth Survivors by defensive back Topinabee. With the loss of Paul Pierson earlier in the season to a severed leg, the left only rookie tailback Yassoud Murphy to carry the ball. When Yassoud was injured in practice prior to the Tier 2 semifinals match against the Texas Earthlings, this left the Krakens without a running back.

Donning Fayed's number, Quentin Barnes took the position of Running Back in the all-important semi-final match. With the Krakens' victory over the Texas Earthlings the Krakens symbolically completed Fayed's goal of entering Tier 1


Fayed was one of the best players on the Krakens. At 6'9" and 350lbs, Fayed has been described as a "Granite Block" and Tarat the Smasher called Fayed "The toughest Human" he "had ever seen. You hit him and hit him, and he just gets up and smiles."


According to Fayed's Jersey number is 34. This contradicts the information given in the print edition of The Rookie on page 84. In these cases, the print version is considered canon.

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