The Givers

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The Givers are one of the species within the The Rookie Universe.


The Givers are an enigmatic race that makes appearances throughout galactic history, touching multiple species. They are estimated to have arrived in the galaxy around 2430.

Technological Advances

Throughout the history of the galaxy, The Givers appear to make contact with worlds or races and assist them in reaching technological advances that they were previously unable to achieve on their own. It is presumed that a sharing of knowledge takes place between The Givers and the host world, thus earning The Givers their name.


Two years after arriving in the galaxy in 2432, The Givers land on the Harrah homeworld. Six years later, in the Harrah achieve Faster-Than-Light (FTL) status with The Givers departing shortly thereafter.


The Givers aren't seen again until 2455, when they land on the Kurgurk homeworld. Similar to the Harrah, in 2478, the Kurgurk achieve FTL capability with The Givers departing in that same year. The interstellar travel of the Kurgurk change the shape of their race, as they are able to add the planets Rfgh and Drghp to their holdings.


It would be another forty years before The Givers land on the Ki homeworld in 2518. Again, similar to both the Harrah and the Kurgurk, the Ki achieve FTL capability. Unlike the other species, The Givers are not able to leave Ki. Instead, the Ki eat The Givers for dinner.

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