Hittoni Hullwalkers

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Hittoni Hullwalkers
Logo HittoniHullwalkers.jpg
Team Colors Purple, Red & White
City Hittoni
Planet Wilson 6
System League of Planets
Stadium The Shipyard
Field Color White with dark-blue lines
Team Owner Lily Hanisek
Founded 2664
Championships 2671-Galaxy Bowl
XIII 2672-Galaxy Bowl
XIV 2673-Galaxy Bowl XV
2682 Record T1 6-6
2683 Record T1 7-5
2684 Record T1 6-6
2685 Record T1 2-10 (R)
R- Relegated; P-Playoffs; C-Champ

The Hittoni Hullwalkers is a Galactic Football League (GFL) team in The Starter

Historical Notes

One of the most storied franchises in league history, the Hullwalkers own three GFL championship trophies. Founded in 2664 as part of that year’s league expansion, the Hullwalkers steadily built a dominant franchise that became the only team to win three consecutive Galaxy Bowls. They fell to Tier Two in 2676, but were back two years later after finishing second in the T2 Tournament.

The team is a Tier 1 team within the Planet Division.

Team Species / League Source of Name Team Colors
Alimum Armada Sklorno / Sklorno Dynasty Sklorno Mob Boss on Planet Yall Royal Blue, White, Gold, Green & Teal
Coranadillana Cloudkillers Harrah / Harrah Tribal Accord Harrah Mob boss on planet Satah Light Yellow & Blue dots
Hittoni Hullwalkers Human / League of Planets Human City on planet Baker 6 Purple, Red& White
Ionath Krakens
*promoted from Tier 2*
Quyth/ Quyth Concordia Indigenous Animal Orange & Black
Isis Ice Storm Leekee / Tower Mob boss on planet Paragon Dark Blue, Chrome & White
Lu Juggernauts Ki / Ki Empire Planet Lu Steel-Blue & Gold
Mars Planets Human / Planetary Union Planet in Earth system Blue & Yellow
Themala Dreadnaughts Quyth / Quyth Concordia City on planet Whitok Brown, Red & Yellow
To Pirates Ki / Ki Planet To Blood Red
Sala Intrigue Quyth / Quyth Mob boss on planet Whitok Green & Gold
Wabash Wolfpack Tower / Tower City on planet Fortress Red & White
Yall Criminals Sklorno/ Sklorno Planet Yall Purple & White


Position Starters Second String Third String
Kick Returner Chetumal - -
Legend: Human (* Purist Nation) :: Ki :: Sklorno :: Quyth

The Failed Move of 2683

The Hullwalkers are one of three teams from League of Planets world Wilson 6 that have played multiple seasons in Tier One, along with the Jang Atom Smashers and the New Rodina Astronauts. The makes Wilson 6 one of the most-dominant football planets in the galaxy. It also makes it one of the most-crowded. In 2681, the Hullwalkers began a campaign to move the franchise to Baker 6, another world in the League of Planets. There the Hullwalkers would have been the only Tier One franchise on the entire planet. Baker 6 built a state-of-the-art stadium for the Hullwalkers, granted tax breaks and provided other incentives to lure the Tier One Hullwalkers.

The move was approved, even to the point where "Baker 6" showed as the Hullwalkers home planet in the GFL's 25th Anniversary Guide, published in 2683. Shortly after that publication, however, league commissioner Rob Froese blocked the move for reasons as-yet unrevealed. The Hullwalkers remain in Hittoni on Wilson 6. The stadium on Baker 6 is used for local football, but as yet does not house a team capable of competing for the Upper Tiers.

The team logo was created by Ben Clifford as part of a team logo art contest held by Dark Øverlord Media.

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