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Episode 1

We saw into the strange stalking dreams of San Francisco homicide detective, Bryan Clauser. The dreams began when he and his partner "Pookie" Chang started investigating a string of gang related disappearances. The three disappearances are all marked by two common things: There are signs of violence but no bodies and someone has urinated all over the crime scene. Tong member Johnny Yee is the fourth such crime figure to vanish. Rival mob boss Frank Lanza phones Yee to tell him he had Yee's wife and child right before someone attack Yee's hideout and killed his crew. A heroin addicted bummed by the name of Aggie James was grabbed off the streets. He was too high to see who had taken him but in the few moments that he could actually open his eyes, what he saw of his abductors made him think he must be hallucinating. Lastly teenage outcast, Rex Deprovdechuk, is severely beaten by BoyCo, a gang of teenage toughs that have tormented him for years. The BoyCo gang savagely broke Rex's arm leaving Rex to walk to the hospital alone.

Episode 2

Street bum Aggie James wakes up in a white painted dungeon along with crime lord Johnny Yee, Yee’s wife and his seven year old son Eric. Chained at the neck the adults were left in their cells force to watch as strange, small men dressed in hooded robes came into the dungeon and dragged the boy away. Meanwhile, Rex Deprovdechuk went from one bully to the next when his foster mother, Roberta, arrives to pick him up from the hospital. Rex ended up in the hospital as a result of Alex Panos, the leader of the BoyCo gang, breaking his arm when he put two wooden chunks beneath his wrist and his elbow and stomped down on the arm section in between. The bad dreams also continue for Detective Bryan Clauser. This time his dreams grew from bad to worse as the recurring dream of stalking the teenage boys leaps to cornering and butchering one with his teeth. The dream seemed so real and so usually satisfying that Bryan finds he wakes up with an erection. Upon waking, he again feels an unseen presence and quickly scribbles a symbol on a pad of paper. After calming down he phones Pookie who listens to his dream and banters boyish insults with Bryan to help him laugh it off.

Episode 3

Bryan Clauser and "Pookie" Chang arrive at a murder scene and realize that the victim is the teenage boy Bryan dreamt of killing the night before. Every aspect of the murder scene matches Bryan’s dream leading him to wonder if he could have done the grisly deed. Pookie cautions Bryan not to talk to anyone about he dreams as it could land him as the primary suspect. Police Criminalist Sacha "Sammy" Burzon and Crime Scene Photographer Jimmy Chang deliver the body of the murder victim to Medical Examiner Robin Hudson, Bryan’s ex-girlfriend. She began her preliminary examination and immediately saw what she thought were tooth marks on the victim, one Alex Panos, leader of the Boys Company gang. The marks looked deep and jagged as if someone had bit down on Alex Panos and shaken him as a dog shakes a chew toy.

Episode 4

Homicide detectives Bryan Clauser and "Pookie" Chang had to report to SFPD of Police Chief Amy Zou. We learned that Chief Zou and Sub Chief Sean Robertson have some knowledge of the strange symbols that appear in Bryan's dreams and at the crime scenes of the murder of Alex Panos. Pookie had the symbols analyzed by John "the Black Mr. Burns" Smith a member of the Gang Task Force of the SFPD. Smith found no history of the symbols; they appeared to be new. The symbols do have a history however -- a history that has been erased from the computer system. Robertson knows that history and calls an unknown contact to inform him that Bryan and Pookie are investigating. The contact asks if Pookie should be eliminated and Robertson says, "No...not yet."

Episode 5

Rex Deprovdechuk skips school and revels in his previous night’s dream he has of being something less than human and killing the bully he hated so much, Alex Panos. When Rex learns of Alex’s death from the headline of a newspaper, he finds the latent courage to intimidate a bum for change and attack a good Samaritan. Rex had wished for respect from others and this time he hadn’t run; he hadn’t cowered; he had attacked and fought back – he was feared and he liked the way it felt.

Robin Hudson runs genetic fingerprinting on the saliva of Alex’s murderer, and what she finds seems quite strange. She finds signs that the killer was male but also finds evidence of Klinefelter's syndrome. She calls her mentor and former professor Dr. Stone Mason to confirm her suspicions but Dr. Mason gives her another possibility – that the killer could have been a brother and a sister. Meanwhile, an update on Aggie’s withdrawal reveals that the tiny robed men once again dragged away a prisoner – this time it was Barbara Yee.

Bryan dreams of stalking yet another BoyCo gang member but this time he hears the voices of Sly and Pierre who Bryan describes as being thick with a green snake-like face – a nightmare. Bryan wakes and calls Pookie hoping to stop the murder from happening, but instead he watches as the boy in his dreams falls off a roof. Feeling detached and controlled by an external force, Bryan pulls out his gun nearly kills the boy.

Episode 6

San Francisco Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser continues to doubt his sanity as the murders that haunt his dreams parallel real life corpses. Two boys from a high school gang are dead and two more are missing. Clauser and his partner "Pookie" Chang tried to find out more about the strange symbols that accompany the murder sites. They consult Mr. Biz-Nass, a Tourette’s afflicted fortuneteller who knows more about the San Francisco occult scene than anyone else. Mr. Biz-Nass said that the symbols were from a cannibalistic cult known as Marie's Children. The symbols should be in the police database with a serial killer known as the Grand Park Slasher but they are not. Another mystery that Pookie and Bryan have to check out. Medical investigator Robin Hudson is running DNA analysis on saliva samples found on one of the murdered boys. The samples reveal a bizarre YZ chromosome pattern instead of the normal XX for female or XY for male. Stumped by these results she consults with Dr. Stone Mason, a renowned geneticist and her former professor. Street bum Aggie James remains trapped in a white dungeon. He doesn’t know where he is and he doesn’t know who put him there. All he knows is he's trapped with gang lord Johnny Yee. He was trapped with Yee and his wife and son but strange whispering little men took away first the son and then the wife. Aggie is left chained to a wall wondering if he will be taken next.

Episode 7

Mafia kingpin wannabe Frank Lanza had Tong leader Johnny Yee removed. No one really knows what Lanza's plan is or how he is making his move but key crime leaders from many different syndicates have been disappearing leaving only blood shell casings and urine left by unknown assailants. San Francisco Medical Examiner Robin Hudson's genetic analysis of the murder victim, Alex Panos, turned up a bizarre Z chromosome. She's called in geneticist Stone Mason for help and together they try to analyze what this mutation could mean. Galileo High School Principal Kyle Souller was brutally murdered outside his San Francisco apartment. Someone punched a hole right into Souller's heart and left him on the sidewalk to die. He is the third victim from, Galileo so far, including Alex Panos and Paul Fischer. Souller's murder was witnessed by Marco Gastineau. Gastineau had been kicked in the testicles and taken to the emergency room. He walked out of the hospital at 3:00am. San Francisco Homicide Detectives "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser need to talk with Gastineau to find out what he saw or find out if h was directly involved.

Episode 8

Mafia boss Frank Lanza met with First Born and Tricky Dick, two members of Marie's Children. Marie's Children had been running hits for the mob, taking out Lanza's competition before they even knew Lanza was back in town. Marie's Children had been holding Johnny Yee and his family in a secret white dungeon somewhere in San Francisco. First they took Johnny's son, then his wife and now Lanza has given the order that it's time for Yee to himself to go. San Francisco Medical Examiner Robin Hudson is suffering a bumper crop of bodies connected with the strange symbols first discovered by Homicide Detectives Bryan Clauser and "Pookie" Chang. With two bodies already in her morgue, she now has to perform an autopsy on Kyle Souller who was killed by someone driving a foreign object directly into his heart. Clauser and Chang travel to the Western Edition to talk to the only witness of that murder, Marco Gastineau. When Gastineau came to the door Bryan felt a strange sensation, a warmth he only ever felt once before, when he had seen Gastineau at the scene of Souller's murder. Before Chang could convince Gastineau to come downtown the air hissed with the sound of a striking arrow, which buried itself deep in Gastineau's heart. Bryan turned and four stories up he saw a glimpse of a green hood and a curved bow. He drew his weapon and sprinted across the street in pursuit leaving Pookie to deal with the collapsed Gastineau.

Episode 9

Marco Gastineau, the only witness to the murder of Kyle Souller, was killed by an unknown assassin who fired a broad head arrow from 80 feet away, burying the shot in Gastineau’s heart. Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser gave chase up to the fifth story roof from where the shot was fired but the killer was already gone. Clauser found evidence of a stakeout. Someone had been stalking Gastineau and was just waiting for an opportunity to murder him. Meanwhile, word has come down from mafia boss Frank Lanza that it's time for Johnny Yee to go -- when the Little Men come for Johnny, he makes an attempt to escape and seek revenge for his wife and son. Johnny succeeds in killing two creatures but soon he is overpowered and carried away. Aggie James gets his first clear look at his captors who, when unveiled from their robes, appeared to be bent, misshapen, rearranged men.

Episode 9.5

San Francisco Medical examiner Robin Hudson performed the autopsy removing the arrows to find it engraved with more strange symbols. The arrowhead was obviously custom made but Hudson could find no record of a similar arrow ever being used in a crime. Clauser and his partner Pookie Chang decided to take the arrow to their source in the San Francisco occult world. If anyone would know what the symbols might mean, it's the Tourette’s afflicted, larynx-cancer-surviving, fortuneteller known as Mr. Biz-Nass.

Episode 10

San Francisco Homicide Detectives "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser try to track down the murderer of Marco Gastineau, who was the only witness to another murder, that of Kyle Souller. Souller was slain by the unknown Symbol Killer while Gastineau was taken out by a silver arrowhead shot into his heart. An interview the San Francisco cult expert Mr. Biz-Nass revealed that a similar arrowhead may have been used to kill a serial killer known as the Golden Gate Park Slasher back in the 1970’s, as evidenced by an old clipping Mr. Biz-Nass had from the San Francisco Chronicle. There’s no mention of a silver arrowhead anywhere in the SFPD’s files, something that doesn’t add up for Clauser. Biz-Nass points out the obvious, that the information isn’t in the police files because someone removed it. Chang and Clauser identify the maker of the arrow as Adam Jessup. Interviewing Adam and his grandfather Alder reveal that the arrows were made for one and only one customer, Jebidiah Erickson. The Jessup family, in fact, has been making identical arrowheads for the Erickson family for over a hundred years. Chang and Clauser visited Erickson’s house but no one answered the door. Clauser decides to stakeout the house overnight while Chang uses the SFPD computer system to look up information on Erickson. Meanwhile Medical Examiner Robin Hudson is finishing up her final autopsy in the Symbol Killer case, the body of Kyle Souller.

Episode 11

San Francisco Police Detective "Pookie" Chang was researching the background of murder victim Marco Gastineau who was killed by an arrow to the heart but Pookie couldn't find anything on Gastineau -- no driver's license, no work history, no social security record -- the man seemed to be a non-person with no history other than the fact that he paid double rent in cash on time every month. Pookie and his partner Bryan Clauser traced the arrowhead to a Jebidiah Erickson. Research on Erickson revealed that he had been convicted of murder thirty years ago and sentenced to the California State Medical Corrections Facility-- the prison for the worst psychopaths in the country. Records show that Erickson served less than a year, though, and was released to the responsibility of Detective Francis Parkmeyer in 1976. Sub Chief Sean Robertson is closely watching Pookie’s investigation efforts and he is reporting Pookie’s progress to an unknown person. That unknown person has already asked if Chang needs to be eliminated and thus far, Robertson has said no. Bryan Clauser meanwhile has set up a one man stake out of Erickson's house, patiently watching at night from a nearby rooftop for hours on end. At the end of the last episode, Clauser was called away from his midnight stakeout by Pookie. Medical Examiner Robin Hudson found something connecting the murders of Gastineau, Alex Panos and Kyle Souller and she demanded to see Pookie and Bryan right away.

Episode 12

A series of missing persons and brutal murders has ripped through San Francisco -- all the crimes tied together by a series of strange symbols. Medical Examiner Robin Hudson examined four of the corpses and through DNA analysis of the saliva, learned that two of the killers were brothers as was one of the victims. She shared that strange family connection with Detectives "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser, Robin's ex-boyfriend. The symbols connected the string of murders to an old serial killer case of the early 1980's, the Golden Gate Park Slasher. Pookie’s analysis of the police files of the Slasher showed missing crime scene reports… someone had removed information -- its a cover up but Pookie doesn’t know what exactly is being covered up. In his search Pookie learns two key things: The first is that retired SFPD Detective Francis Parkmeyer was the lead investigator on the Slasher case; the second, that Parkmeyer's junior partner on the case was none other than current San Francisco Police Chief Amy Zou. Pookie and Bryan decide to pay Parkmeyer a visit but before they can they are summoned by that same Chief Zou -- Coincidence? Possibly not. She wants to see both of them immediately.

Episode 13

San Francisco Homicide Detectives "Pookie" Chang and Bryan Clauser finally develop two key leads in a series of brutal murders. The first lead was the discovery of Francis Parkmeyer, a retired detective who had investigated a very similar string of murders some thirty years ago, a case known as the Golden Gate Park Slasher. They visited Parkmeyer at his retirement home, but the old man suffered from periodic dementia and was in no state to answer questions. The second key lead was a person of interest in the killings, 13-year old Rex Deprovdechuk, a student at Galileo High. Four murder victims were either students or faculty at Galileo, as were another 3 people who were missing. Rex's school files show he had fights or disciplinary action with all of the victims missing or dead. Despite the late hour Pookie and Bryan were just about to visit Rex's house when they got a call from Chuck Baker, the manager of Parkmeyer’s retirement home. Parkmeyer was awake and cognizant of his surroundings, if Pookie and Bryan wanted to have a conversation with the man, they had to come quick.

Episode 14

San Francisco Homicide Detectives Bryan Clauser and "Pookie" Chang just finished talking to retired Homicide Detective Francis Parkmeyer who told them that a shadowy group within the Police Department has been covering up murders committed by Jebidiah Erickson also known as The Savior. The Savior kills by bow and arrow, the same weapon used to kill murder witness Marco Gastineau three days earlier. Gastineau witnessed the murder of Kyle Souller, Principal of Galileo High School. More students and teachers from the school have been murdered in the past week and another three are still missing. Four students and teachers have been murdered from the school in the past week and another three are missing. Bryan and Pookie have been tracking those murders and finally have a prime suspect, thirteen year old Rex Deprovdechuk also a student at Galileo. That same night Rex had visitors - strange visitors - three men that can only be described as monsters - and one tortured captive, Isaac Moses, one of the missing high school students that has tortured Rex over the past few years. The tables were turned and now Isaac is at the mercy of Rex. Bryan and Pookie are on their way to Rex’s house but will they get there in time to save Isaac Moses?

Episode 15

Rex's strange journey continued as he crosses San Francisco from rooftop to rooftop riding on the back of a monster. His new family took him underground at the Broadway Tunnel, where for the first time, Rex descended into a secret subterranean realm. Containing the remains of buried ships. Despite being warned about pursuing the case, San Francisco Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser continued to stake out the house of Jebidiah Erickson, who Bryan suspects is the murderer of Marco Gastineau. Bryan saw a man in a green cloak kill Gastineau with a bow and arrow and while staking Erickson's place, saw a cloaked man exit the house. Bryan made his partner, "Pookie" Chang call in a favor and ask for a search warrant at 4:00am from Judge Gretchen Rodriguez, with whom Pookie had slept with a couple of months ago. Pookie made the call and was told to come pick up the warrant.

Episode 16

13 year old Rex Deprovdechuk is now the leading suspect in a multiple murders and disappearances. The police can’t find the boy but they do have a sample of his DNA, which was sent to Medical Examiner, Robin Hudson, for analysis. San Francisco Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser had been staking out the house of Jebidiah Erickson, thought to be the vigilante known as The Savior. Bryan saw a man exit the house, a man that looked like the one Bryan saw kill murder witness Marco Gastineau. Bryan’s partner "Pookie" Chang, tried to get a search warrant to go into the house but he was denied by none other than Chief of Police Amy Zou. Zou orders Bryan and Pookie off the case, but the two men have had enough of the chief’s suspect meddling. Pookie called in multiple favors, reaching out to people whose lives had been saved by Bryan. "Black Mr. Burns" and Big Tonda Murphy didn’t hesitate; they reacted quickly to Pookie’s calls by moving into place. With the allies aligned, Bryan and Pookie illegally broke into the house, instantly setting off an alarm. The house’s automated security system made one silent phone call to an unknown number. As the call went out, Bryan and Pookie found a black door that led into a dark basement. Bryan had seen this door before – in his nightmares. The door terrified him, but he had no choice. He opened it and descended into the basement as Pookie followed.

Episode 17

Rex Deprovdechuk is realizing his destiny an outcast beaten and tormented by family and classmates the 13 year old Rex has seen his enemies die horrible deaths at the hands of Marie's Children, a shadowy cult that lives in the underbelly of San Francisco. Marie's Children finally came for Rex, embracing him as family – as their King. Rex entered the underground home of Marie's Children and met his people for the first time. San Francisco Homicide Detective, Bryan Clauser and his partner "Pookie" Chang, descended into the dark basement of Jebidiah Erickson also known as The Savior. Without a search warrant they are breaking the law, yet are backed up by John "The Black Mr. Burns" Smith and Big Tonda Murphy, two cops who owe their lives to Bryan for past heroics. After a long search, Bryan and Pookie found a hidden room and entered. After seeing something horrific in the dark, shots are fired.

Episode 18

San Francisco Homicide Detectives Bryan Clauser and "Pookie" Chang had been tracking a series of bizarre murders raging across San Francisco. The trail led them to Jebidiah Erickson who lives in the affluent Pacific Heights neighborhood. Although they have been ordered off the case b Chief Amy Zou They continue to pursue Erickson. This led to an early morning break in at Erickson’s house. Clauser and Chang went inside backed up by fellow officers John "The Black Mr. Burns" Smith, Big Tonda Murphy, and Wie Chi Yen. Erickson showed up at the house while Clauser and Chang were inside. Erickson looked like a tiny old man but moved like a tornado knocking out Burns, Big Tonda, Chi and Pookie before Bryan put him down with his own knife. Left with a stab wound on his lower left abdomen, Erickson passed out his own front lawn. Meanwhile, Aggie James is still trapped in the bowels of San Francisco the unhappy guest of Marie's Children. Hillary a mysterious member of the Marie's Children cult, led Aggie through the maze of tunnels until they looked down upon a dark room filled with candles, harpsichord music and the huge mass of the one they call Mommy. The little men dragged in the Mexican, Aggie’s dungeon cellmate and now Aggie James gets to see the horror that is Marie herself.

Episode 19

The police have had a showdown with Jebidiah Erickson, the man they suspect to be the one called The Savior. Erickson had attacked the police officers and was himself cut down when his own knife was thrown into his stomach by San Francisco Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser. Three officers were wounded in the altercation, including Clauser whom Erickson shot in the shoulder. Clauser and his partner "Pookie" Chang had been ordered not to go to Erickson’s house and had to sneak away from the scene before they got in trouble with Police Chief Amy Zou. Bryan and Pookie went back into Erickson’s house to grab a “souvenir” and sneak out the back where no one would see them escape. Meanwhile Aggie James is still trapped in the catacombs of Marie's Children beneath the streets of San Francisco. He saw the full horror that is Marie Latrielle also known as Mommy. If Aggie is to escape he must do the bidding of Hillary, another member of the Marie's Children cult.

Episode 20

Dmitri Vasillof is the new leader of San Fransisco's Russian Mob. He has been sent up from L.A. to deal with Frank Lanza Don of the La Cosa Nostra. Lanza has tasked First Born leader of the Marie's Children cult with taking out Vasillof. Aggie James longs for the days of being a homeless bum. Before he can be released he is tasked with one more thing watching the grooms walk.

Episode 21

Hillary and Aggie James watch as the mexican is chased around the maze where we see the brutality of little ones of Marie's Children. Hillary has given Aggie a human child which she has ordered him to bring to a human family along with a great deal of money. She has threatened to have Aggie killed if he does not make sure that the baby is safe. Hillary then proceeds to start leading Aggie out. First Born and Tricky Dick prepare to put out a hit on Dmitri Vasillof. They refer to a number of other members of Marie's Children. First Born reflects on recent developments with Sly and the fact that all of the other members of Marie's Children have forgotten that The King is a fairy tale.

Dmitri Vasillof thinks about the fact that he has crews without family easily knocked off. Vasillof and his six most trusted people along with Igor the idiot avoid their conspicuous safe house and attempt to make a hit on Frank Lanza in his restaurant La Rocha's Corner Tavern. Vasillof counts on Lanza only have four people guarding him while he is trying to take him out. With some quick maneuvering Tony "Four Balls" Gillam helps Lanza stay alive.

Episode 22

First Born has just finished executing a hit on the safe house of Dmitri Vasillof. We find out that part of the tradition for each hit by Marie's Children is for whoever killed someone to piss on them. Rex Deprovdechuk is becoming more and more enthusiastic about taking on his new position. Sly looks on to Rex with hungry eyes hoping to be able to influence him for his benefit. Tard talks to Sly about the fact that Erickson has been hospitalized.

Episode 23

Police Chief Amy Zou looks at Erickson and reminisces about her first encounters with him. She recieves a call on her cell phone about the mob war in downtown San Fransisco. Officer Jason Green gives a call to "Pookie" Chang about the fact that Erickson was alone now and would be available to talk to. Aggie James follows Hillary. Coming up in a subway station he labors to avoid the third rail. Bryan Clauser is on his way to see Erickson when sub police chief Sean Robertson calls him. He meets Robertson in his car where Brian has to surrender his badge and guns. Trying to appear like a homeless person Aggie makes his way out of the subway station when the baby starts crying. He starts making a move to try and get away when.....

Episode 24

First Born, Tricky Dick, Spidey, Bone Head, and Clyde the Glide ride back to home riding on cold body benches. They send Clyde off to make sure the coast is clear before they drive into one of the three openings in San Fransico which could accommodate a truck. Bryan Clauser checks his email when he gets a message from Bing Majarus indicating that the skin Bryan brought him was real. Bryan decides that he is going to have Robin Hudson pick up the skin and information from Majarus.

First Born meets The King for the first time where quickly starts to announce he does not think that Rex was the king. Hillary confronts First Born on his killing off anyone that could possibly be the king. First born internally both wants to listen to Rex and defy him as well. When Rex says that Savior was injured he tells First Born that they would contact Frank Lanza. Rex talks of Marie's Children going up to the surface and covertly attacking the humans. First Born is told that they will take over the shadows of the surface living inside walls instead of the home that had been created for them underground. When First Born refuses to kneel Rex puts a gun into his mouth First Born has to declare him his king.

Sub police chief Sean Robertson pulls up Bryan's email logs discovering that Bryan had contacted Majarus and received a reply. Also pulling up Robin's case files he finds that she has been witholding her final reports on Bryan's case. After discovering that Majarus was a taxidermist Robertson decides he needs to see Erickson's basement but not before he told Lanza. Bryan enters San Fransisco General Hospital to see Erickson where he is met by "Pookie" Chang. When Erickson wakes he starts into hysterics seeing Bryan. When Bryan and Pookie are told to get out of the room Bryan pushes Pookie up against a wall where he is taken down by Officer Jason Green who was defending Pookie.

Episode 25

Sub-chief Sean Robertson demanded a meeting with mob kingpin Frank Lanza. Robertson knows he has to stop Bryan Clauser, "Pookie" Chang, Robin Hudson and Stone Mason from finding out the final secrets of the murderous cult known as Marie's Children. Lanza’s hunkered down in his safe house after he avoided an attempt on his life by Dmitri Vasillof, leader of the San Francisco Russian mafia. Lanza sent his right hand man, Tony "Four Balls" Gillam to snag Robertson and bring him back to the safe house. Meanwhile, Bryan and Pookie just had an intense meeting with Jebidiah Erickson, also known as The Savior. Erickson, who is in critical condition called Bryan “Satan” and almost killed himself trying to get out of the hospital bed to get away. While Clauser’s head spins at this strange behavior, Black Mr. Burns called Pookie to let him know this hospital had a new visitor – a bum who was found with a new born baby swaddled in cloth covered with the symbols of Marie's Children. Bryan and Pookie headed back to the hospital to meet the bum and get his story.

Episode 26

San Francisco Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser and his partner "Pookie" Chang talked to Aggie James, a bum who was found in the San Francisco subway system carrying a baby – a baby wrapped in a blanket decorated with the symbols of a cult known as Marie's Children. Aggie also had a list of addresses. A list that included the address of Roberta Deprovdechuk, the mother of murder suspect Rex Deprovdechuk, as well as the address of one John Clauser, Bryan’s father. Bryan took the blanket and left Aggie’s room. Russian mobster, Pavil "Fat Boy" Rockmanov, was wounded in the gunfight between Dmitri Vasillof and mafia kingpin Frank Lanza. Pavil needs medical attention but will that lead to trouble for Gennady Evanovich, Dmitri’s right hand man? Retired Homicide Detective Francis Parkmeyer helped Bryan and Pookie with their investigation but that help did not go unnoticed. Sub Chief Sean Robertson was working with Lanza and now is working directly with Marie's Children. Robertson identified many risks to the secrecy of Marie's Children, including Bryan, Pookie, Medical Examiner Robin Hudson and Francis Parkmeyer. Rex told Robertson that all of those problems need to be eliminated.

Episode 27

San Francisco Homicide Detective Bryan Clauser delivers three samples to Medical Examiner Robin Hudson in order to test them for the Zed chromosome. These samples include the blanket that was wrapped around Aggie’s "baby", Jebidiah Erickson’s bloodstained shirt, and a vial of blood.

After being wounded in the gunfight between Dmitri Vasillof and Frank Lanza, Russian gangster Pavil "Fat Boy" Rockmanov needs medical attention, but that leads to trouble for Vassilof's right-hand man Gennady Ivanovich in the form of a very angry Police Chief Amy Zou.

Bryan’s partner, "Pookie" Chang, enlists the help of John "The Black Mr. Burns" Smith to research historical murder rate in San Francisco. The statistics reveal that the last time Erickson was out of commission, murders in San Francisco skyrocketed 400%.

Meanwhile Francis Parkmeyer receives a shadowy visitor who entered through the window. Was it just a dream or is it a harbinger of death?

Episode 28

Bryan confronts his father about his true origins, Robyn gets busted, Pookie has that face-to-face with Roberta Deprovdechuk, and Chief Amy Zou gets some unwelcome house guests.

Episode 29

Bryan goes for a ride with the Jessups. Chief Zou lays down the law, but without all that pesky legal code. Doctor Stone Mason and Robin finally nail down the genome of Marie's Children

Episode 30

Bryan & Rex throw down. Bryan and the Jessups race to San Francisco General Hospital to rescue Savior from Rex, Sly, Pierre and Sucka.

Episode 31

Bryan's fight to rescue Savior heats up as he goes toe-to-toe with Pierre. The Russians and the Mob put their pieces in place for the end game, and Robyn's next on Rex's hit parade.

Episode 32

Robin and Big Gay Max deal with the people that are lurking about in her apartment. Bryan, Adam Jessup, Alder Jessup flee San Francisco General Hospital with the Savior and a wounded cop in tow. Pookie Chang contemplates a career change ... Chang Bang, anyone?

Episode 33

Pokie knows Bryan is wanted for the murder of Francis Parkmeyer, and the SFPD is en route to Robin Hudson's apartment. Will the cops find Robin in Bryan's arms? Police Chief Amy Zou has her own problems, trying to get Dimitri Vassiloff and Frank Lanza onboard the SS Jeremiah O'Brien -- if she doesn't, her daughters Tabz and Mur won't make it through the night. Aggie James can't shake the threats of Hillary; he'll do whatever it takes to avoid the dreaded Groom's Walk. And...the return of Mister Biz-Nass.

Episode 34

Bonehead is in some deep trouble as Bryan and Pookie take him back to the Jessup's house. Savior is rescued, but in bad shape, and so is Robin's dog Emma. Black Mister Burns and Mister Biz-Nass are on their way as well. Meanwhile, Frank Lanza had better get to the S.S. Jeremiah O' Brien, because Chief Amy Zou is waiting, she's got a nine, and that chick ain't playin'.

Episode 35

Bryan and Pookie race toward Pier 45 to take care of business and avenge Robin Hudson. Chief Amy Zou has to find a way to get the Jeremiah O'Brien out into the bay -- how far will she go? Rex's hold on the Nocturnals grows even stronger.